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President - Susan Bacotti - smadysaver@yahoo.com

Vice President - Laura Blackburn - lpblackburn@cfl.rr.com

Treasurer - Justine Cancryn - rivervujc@gmail.com

Secretary - Karla Johnson - karlaatvictoria@gmail.com


Bylaws - Work with the Board in reviewing the need for Bylaws amendments.  Ellie Freund - ellief30092@peoplepc.com

Community Outreach - Promote charitable activities to benefit our community.  Rebecca Carpenter - racarp5050@gmail.com and Cheryl Sullivan - casulliv@wisc.edu

Program Planning - Plan programs for meetings, including speakers.  Bonnie Friedman - bonnietunes@outlook.com and Jackie Donnelly

Fund Raising - Work to obtain funds to provide financial assistance for charitable community activities and in-house projects.   Linda Woods - lw1115@cfl.rr.com

Historian - Maintain a record of Club events in the form of photographs, invitations, website and other materials.   Barbara McLelland - barbara20112@yahoo.com

Hospitality - Assist with meals and refreshments for meetings and events.  Kathie Landau - mom7314@aol.com and Jenny Taylor - twohdriders@hotmail.com

Welcome Committee - Contact new residents and encourage membership in the club.  Carmela Sisco - carmelasisco@gmail.com and Maureen Dube - mfdube3@yahoo.com

Nominating - Select eligible and qualified candidates for Club officers who are willing to serve in the positions for which they are being nominated.  Maribeth Embras membras@yahoo.com

Publicity - Publicize activities and programs in the weekly Gardens newsletter, the Activity Center board, as well as the Women's Club website.  Submit articles to the media, as indicated.  Trish Hanna - nanahannatrish@gmail.com

Sunshine - Send appropriate cards or notes at times of illness or death.  Sharon Maybury - bobmayfly@yahoo.com

Annual Charity Auction - Fundraising event for Good Samaritan Clinic and Family Renew.  Jackie Donnelly - nov242017@gmail.com and Joan Neumann - joan.neumann48@gmail.com


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